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Hello bloggers!
Some time ago I did not make a list with the products that I liked most of a website so as it is already time here you have it.
Today I speak of two websites in particular, one of them is Stylewe, which I have already mentioned many more times here because you know that I like a lot and the second web is one that I just discovered and is called Just Fashion Now. It is similar to Stylewe and I am fascinated by the latest innovations that have been brought to the store. Below you can see the list with the products I liked most of both stores and the direct link to all of them because surely something you like and you can not resist buying it :)
I hope you like it.
A huge kiss, 


1- Red dress(click here
2- Black dress(click here

1- Black sneakers(click here
2- Green sneakers(click here

1-Black skirt(click here

2- Black skirt with details(click here

1- Stripes blouse(click here
2- Choker blouse(click here

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  1. Muy mono el vestido rojo.



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